Thursday, December 17, 2009

My New Technology Theory

Wow ... I know, I know. Two blog posts within a month of each other? No way!

Yes Way!

Anyways, I have a new theory about integrating technology into the classroom for the leery. (Is that the right word there? I teach Math, not English)

I am trying my hardest to convince fellow teachers of the value of technology in the classroom and for those that are still not so sure, I think here's how you start.

You give it as extra credit. You say, "here, do this and turn it in here."

While I am not leery of technology, I recently assigned this to my students. I was inspired by @fouss and her Conics Project, so I tweaked it, added some things and instead of doing it in class, I am having them do it outside of class. I am letting THEM learn the technology, I am letting them WORK with the technology and I am NOT teaching them how to do any of it.

Now, yes, I will answer questions, of course. But, seriously, they're on their own. So much so, they're doing it over Christmas Break.

So, teachers, if you don't know how to integrate technology, assign it and let them free.

Let them teach YOU.


  1. I did this with the algecaching site (extra credit). I used the answer sheet you made :) I posted it online, sent out a class e-mail, said it's due when you return from break, e-mail me with any questions.

    I've received no either it is totally easy, or none of them have attempted it. Oh well.

  2. You might find this useful too!

    My students are totally engaged when I include online math games within a lesson or as homework. The repetition and association that games = fun really helps them capture the subjects. My class really enjoys a new site with Algebra, Geometry, Quizzes, etc.