Friday, August 21, 2009

Prezi (the NEW powerpoint!)

It's Friday afternoon ... I'm sitting in my classroom on this teacher workday working away. I'm working the concession stand at the first football game of the season tonight, so I'm waiting to head down to the field. While I am waiting, I started to reflect on the past three workdays and the one we have left before students arrive on Tuesday.

I love my school. I love the people around me. I love math. I love teaching. I love my job. It is so wonderful. My life has turned to technology this past summer and everyone in this school is so supportive of technology and its use in the classroom.

I want to share my newest love. It's called Prezi. It is the NEW powerpoint. It is so interactive. It created a giant map of your information and you create a path through it. It is so innovative and it really helps your thought process. It doesn't have to be a linear presentation like powerpoint, very broken up. It moves and flows and I'm in love. While it is about near impossible to type math into, I have been using it in SAT Prep, where less math and more words. I could never use it, in its current version, to teach Algebra II or any other core math class. But, for words and information, it's amazing. You can imbed videos, images, etc. It's web-based, so no software! Your presentations store online and can be accessed online. They even have a way to download it to be used offline. It's great! Check out my presentations for the first four days in SAT Prep.

Real Numbers, Fractions & Decimals
Percents & Proportions
Factors, Multiples, Remainders and Divisibility

I hope you enjoy Prezi as much as I do and find ways to incorporate it into the classroom. I'm looking forward to Tuesday and seeing what the kids think of it.


  1. Wow, this looks great! If you want to include math expressions, I think you could you use LaTeXit to type out the expressions, then drop them into Prezi as PDFs. If you aren't already familiar with it, its a free download.

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