Friday, June 19, 2009

Web 2.0

So, I've dedicated my free afternoons to research. I've been researching lesson plan ideas, new technology and post importantly Web 2.0 tools. I'm already using facebook, twitter (@msgregson) and Ning ( I've become an avid explorer of Second Life. My newest research is how I can use the school's new iPod Touch in the classroom. I'm focusing that research on the SAT Prep class that I teach. But, in my research, I've found many Web 2.0 tools that could become beneficial in the classroom. Here's my list so far:

Obviously this is not every Web 2.0 tool - just fun ones that I've found so far. I'll keep updating as I go. Feel free to let me know of new ones you find. And, now apparently, researching Web 2.0 is on the out and researching Web 3.0 is on the in. I'm going to finish Web 2.0 first before I move into the new uncharted territory.

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